Mystery of the Egyptian raids in Libya

Libyen: Bombardierung durch ägyptische Luftwaffe und Marine?

On October 16, the independent, leftist As-Safir daily carried the following report by Moustafa Bassiouni: The issue of the Egyptian military intervention in Libya remains a mystery as reflected by the leaks of Egyptian officials who indicated that raids had been carried out against locations of the Islamic groups in Libya followed by a presidential denial of these pieces of information.

According to the Egyptian officials, this operation came in response to a demand on the part of the Libyan government based in Tobruk, which enjoys an international recognition since the Islamists seized control of Tripoli. The two Egyptian officials who refused to reveal their names said that this operation included the use of Egyptian warships, which served as a command center facing the coasts of Tobruk adding that this operation might extend from 3 to 6 months.
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