Kriminaliserung erfolgreicher Zaunkletterer

… well Danny a 23 year old Cameroonian for sure won’t be found in the statistics after he was beaten up to unconsciousness and then pushed back to Morocco by officers of the Guardia Civil two days ago on the 15th of October, as this video shows:

He lost a kidney and is half paralyzed now.

2 attempts of migrants to enter Melilla in 2 days

Already one day ago on the 14th of October a first group of migrants tried to cross the border of Melilla. On both days more than 250 people managed to enter Spanish territory, where they were beaten up cruelly by the Guardia Civil and pushed back immediately through the fences to Morocco. Afterwards they were deported to Rabat and Fes. Many were wounded by the police forces and the barbed wires. 18 heavily injured people needed to be brought to hospital (in a self-organised way, because why should the authorities take care of people when they’ve already beaten up them?). Only 17 persons managed to enter Melilla and to stay there in the CETI.

3 of them are accused now of having attacked police officers with weapons like knives. Authorities and media are now spreading the story of dangerous migrants who attack police officers doing their duty. What a ridiculous twist of reality watching e.g. the video of Pro.De.In which shows unconscious Danny who’s brought outside the fence to the Morrocan side after having been beaten down the fence. Migrants tell that were attacked by civil people with knives and stones already on the Moroccan side which is not an unusual thing. Also usual is the violence of the different police forces which lead all the time to heavy injuries or the death of people who just try to cross this border in order to just get a fucking job on the other side. The polices on both side of the fences use weapons like stones, knives, iron and wooden bars, truncheons, pepper spray and tear gas, rubber bullets or even just boats to sail over swimming people. This weapons compared with several meter high razor wired fences are the really dangerous things at this border.

Furthermore Migrants reported about the progress of the new extensions of the highly militarised border where the 4th (!) fences is in construction (“Nous avons trouvé le 4ième grillage.” – “We found the 4th fence.”). This new also razor wired fence is being constructed on the Moroccan territory. This one and a trench (also in construction) are supposed to make it as hard as possible for migrants to even reach the Spanish 3 fences.

Even the European Commissioner for Human Rights, Nils Muiznieks, and members of the European parliament “condemn the Spanish Guardia Civil of its violent treatment” of migrants and demand to stop these practices denying peoples fundamental rights.

Below you see a short second video of Pro.De.In showing further illegal push back on this day.

For a world without borders.
For a world of migrations.