Alarm Phone: Italien

#IusMigrandi vs #MosMaiorum – Il materiale informativo e la social campaign

Il numero di allerta di Watch The Med, i volantini in lingua. Scarica e diffondi il materiale nelle strade e sui social network

Dal 13 al 26 ottobre le polizie di tutti i paesi europei, guidate dall’Italia, daranno vita ad una enorme operazione chiamata Mos Maiorum .

In contemporanea con l’operazione Mos Maiorum, un’altra maxi campagna diventerà pratica comune e collettiva ed attraverserà ogni confine dell’Europa per affermare lo Ius Migrandi.

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Alarm Phone: pro asyl

Aktivisten beim Bekanntmachen des Alarm-Phones beim Jubiläum 20 Jahre The Voice Refugee Forum in Jena |Foto: Umbruch-Bildarchiv

„Alarm Phone“: Notrufnummer gegen das Sterbenlassen auf See

Am 11. Oktober 2013 ertranken 260 Flüchtlinge vor Lampedusa. Alle hätten gerettet werden können, wenn die Behörden sofort die Rettung veranlasst hätten. Was wäre gewesen, wenn die Flüchtlinge eine Notrufnummer gehabt hätten, über die AktivistInnen Druck auf die Behörden hätten ausüben können? Watch the Med hat jetzt ein „Alarm Phone“ für Boat People eingerichtet.

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Alarm Phone: Spanien


Nace el +33 486 517 161, una línea de voluntarios para atender a migrantes en peligro en el Mediterráneo


No tiene capacidad de socorrer, pero sí de movilizar a las autoridades para que lo hagan y a la sociedad civil para que lo exija

El proyecto internacional Watch de Med, en el que participan decenas de organizaciones de Derechos Humanos europeas y norteafricanas, ha puesto en marcha una línea de teléfono para que los migrantes que intenten cruzar el Mediterráneo puedan pedir ayuda y recurrir a una persona que les acompañe en la travesía y movilice a las autoridades para que acudan al rescate.

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Alarm Phone: Mussie Zerai


The Anchor

The Africans who risk all to reach Europe look to an exiled priest as their savior.

Letter from Lampedusa


„[…] Around 9 A.M. on October 3rd, Father Mussie Zerai’s telephone began to ring repeatedly. Outside his apartment at the Catholic diocese in Fribourg, Switzerland, the Alps rose above the red-tiled roofs and the Gothic cathedral of the medieval town. The phone calls came from Sweden, Norway, Eritrea, Italy, Sudan, and Lampedusa. A boat travelling from Libya had caught fire and sunk. At least a hundred and eleven people were dead and more than two hundred were missing. It was depressingly familiar news—in the past twenty years, more than twenty thousand immigrants have died on their way to Europe. There would be many more were it not for Zerai, a thirty-nine-year-old Eritrean exile, whose phone number circulates among Europe-bound Africans like a Mediterranean 911. […]“

Alarm Phone: Aktivitäten Hamburg

Just a short report from Hamburg

Yesterday and today are “Lampedusa Emancipation Days” in Hamburg, starting with a peace march from the city center to the university and a theater play “The Lampeduzans” yesterday evening and going on with exhibitions, a debate “War – Migration – Democracy” and concert today. We mentioned the alarm phone in a short speech and distributed the flyers to migrants and supporters with interested reactions. We told migrants, especially those of the group “Lampedusa in Hamburg”, to look at the phone number on the website and give it to friends on the other side of the Mediteranean together with the information what we can do and what not. We told activists that we still need support for the shifts.
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Alarm Phone: Aktionen Rhein Main

Promotion-Activities for the Watch The Med Alarm Phone last days in Rhine-Main

Last tuesday evening Emmanuel Mbolela from Afrique-Europe-Interact presented his book „On the flight from Kongo to Europe“ in the frame of a series of alternative events, which happen in Frankfurt during the international bookfair. It was an impressive presentation and in his last part Emmanuel included and explained the watch the med alarm phone as one practical example of a transnational project of support and solidarity.
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Notruftelefon: Bremen

[Freitag: Kundgebung gegen das Massensterben im Mittelmeer & offizieller Start des mittelmeerweiten „Watch the Med Alarm Phone“ – gerne weiterleiten!]

Über 3.000 Tote seit Januar 2014

Stoppt das Massensterben auf dem Meer! Fluchtwege öffnen, Menschenrechte verteidigen!

Zeit & Ort: Freitag, 10. Oktober, Vor den Domtreppen, 16:00 Uhr (die Aktion beginnt wegen der anschließenden TTIP-Kundebung auf dem Marktplatz pünktlich).

Bei der von Afrique-Europe-Interact organisierten Kundgebung werden mehrere Menschen sprechen, die die Situation auf dem Mittelmeer aus eigener Erfahrung kennen. Außerdem wird die Initiative zu einem mittelmeerweiten Alarm Phone für Flüchtlinge und Migrant_innen in Seenot der Öffentlichkeit vorgestellt (Aufruf & Bremer Unterstützer_innen: siehe unten).

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